Werkleitz Festival 24.-26.Oktober 2008

Workshops on related themes will take place in the run-up to the Festival. Each is designed to encourage participants to consider creative connections between their respective field of activity and the Festival. The results of workshops will be an important component of contextual debate and design presentations at the Festival in October.

AMERIKA! – Radio Feature Workshop

1– 5 September 2008
Led by Ralf Wendt and Udo Israel

There are as many different ways of approaching America as there are of reflecting America in a radio feature.  A “feature” is a media report on a particular theme. In this case, you’re invited to prepare radio features about your own personal approach to the theme of America.
You can record material anywhere in town and, of course, also while telephoning with the States ...
The result could be a radio feature that lasts between 15 seconds and 15 minutes, or even a happening in public space, if it includes a radio-related element.
Naturally the workshop focuses also on technical aspects of recording, such as which microphone to use when, whether single takes from sound programmes like wavlab and Samplitude can be collaged, what’s happening on which frequencies and also, how best to encourage someone to give you an interview.
So spend a week experimenting with ideas and audible form. The results can be presented in October as part of the Werkleitz Festival, “Amerika”.


XXL – when fashion oversteps borders

17- 21 August 2008
Workshop with Stephanie Müller, Fashion Activist

From Army parkas through jeans to pearly-white ‘wife-beaters’ ... In this process-oriented workshop participants are invited to investigate the interplay of textile consumption and counterculture. Armed for a highly practical approach with numerous textiles and sewing utensils, they’ll take a critical look at the political implications of fashion. With an eye on developments across the big pond, themes such as "Black is Beautiful - Obama for President" will be addressed and then translated into fashion scenarios. The workshop further aims to develop a tangible product that consciously alludes to the textile symbolism of North American popular culture. To register, please mail Elena Gladkova eg@werkleitz.de



18-21 August 2008
Workshop led by Anna Berkenbusch, Prof. for Communication Design

The workshop “AmericanCity” addresses the deployment of amerika-inspired icons and the proliferation of amerikan symbolism in the urban context of Halle. The encyclopaedic collation of amerika-inspired motifs and impressions by means of photography and drawing is to be linked with essay-style descriptions of present conditions at the places where these can be found. Storytelling combined with illustrations of amerikan symbolism in Halle will chronicle both the users of this symbolism and the background to its local appropriation. It is planned to publish the results in the forthcoming Festival catalogue or in a separate format.


Summer Vacation Action: Amerika

14 -18 July 2008
Workshop with Christian Wenzel and Josefine Cyranka, Kinder Kunst Forum

The Kinder Kunst Forum (Kids’ Art Forum) was won as a partner for a workshop in which kids can playfully address the theme ‘America’, creating for the Festival a set – by kids and for kids – for the “Amerika-Room”.

The workshop are free of charge.
Location: werkleitz, Schleifweg 6, 06114 Halle (Saale)

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